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Diamond rings for men - Posted By DanielBrian (danielbrian) on 23rd Jun 22 at 2:41pm
What other reaction would you expect? For the woman to turn up her nose at the ring and say no to the proposal? Or perhaps say yes but demand a different ring? Or forever carry a burden of disappointment that she didn't get a big honkin' diamond? Those sound like the reactions of someone who would make a lousy spouse.

Re: Diamond rings for men - Posted By Xials (xials) on 24th Jun 22 at 12:13pm
Hello. Diamonds are irresistibly attractive: even a person who is far from jewelry art cannot but admire the exquisite play of light in laconic facets. However, admiration for the incredible tears of the Earth is often accompanied by bitterness, because this beauty has a very impressive financial embodiment. Check out the diamond rings for men for details.